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Season Ticket Renewals Double With pURL Campaign

purl increases ticket sales Season ticket sales more than doubled with the Crimson Tide pURL campaign.

The University of Alabama’s Athletic Department had traditionally used a rather ho-hum direct mail campaign to court season ticket renewals for its football and basketball games. Results were acceptable – nothing extraordinary. And, according to Jon Gilbert, Associate Athletic Director, “it offered very little information about how the consumer was interacting with the brand.”

Enter the 2007 pURL campaign…

In 2007, the University of Alabama used variable data printing to create a personalized direct mail campaign which included a pURL (personalized URL) component for each of the recipients. Postcards were sent to current season ticket holders with their name spelled out on the field by the Crimson Tide band. The postcard directed the fans to a personalized web page that included their name as the web address.

The pURL campaign was a huge success. According to Gilbert, “Season ticketholders renewing online more than doubled, saving the ticket office valuable time and resources in processing mailed in renewals… Perhaps most important, the direct mail, with the PURL sites, enabled us to track results and learn more about our fan base. We’ve begun a new direct mail piece with the Crimson Tide Foundation, the athletic department’s non-profit arm. The campaign helped generate more than $300,000 in revenue in its first six months.”

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